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Operate Virtually

Meet face to face with partners in China in a VR conference room. Host interactive classes with students while they work from home. Connect with loved ones as if you were in the same room. Show a prospective buyer of a house a VR walkthrough. 

Ditch the Desk

Sitting is the disease of the modern ear. Our VR workspaces were made to alleviate pain and keep your body happier. Interact with your space both physically and virtually and relearn what is means to move while you work. 

inhabit software

Inhabit the software the you work with on a traditional desktop computer. These technologies are revolutionizing the workflow process, allowing you to cut out traditional drudgery and interact with software in ways you nevr imagined possible.

WE Design &



Coded content

Let's take your ideas and make them a reality. We often work with clients who needs desktop applications, mobile phone apps or custom made VR experiences to solve their problems and meet their needs. 

Currently we are working with local music industries to invent an app that will allow user to connect and pay local musicians and venues in safe socially distanced digital realm. Connect with those bands as if you were in a private show by using a VR headset. 

We're working with software engineers to create architectural software that will take Revit into the world of the VR Model. No more sheets of 2d versions of 3d models, work with your models in 3d in real time at a professional quality details. 

Film Production

Story Boarding, Videography, Direction, Audio Recording, Mastering Production, Music Composition. Promotional Youtube, 360 Video. We are story tellers, do you have a something to share with the world? We are revolutionizing the way we interact with fundraising and journalism using VR as a medium, Google Earth investigations of oil drilling sites, and exposes of animal hospitals in India, changing the elephant tourist industry with VR experiences that are saving wildlife. Virtual Property Tours for clients and job sites. 

Check out our work....

Product Design & 
3d Models

Our product design services range from architetural models to app designs. We do design, whatever that may be. In the past we have designed and produced a whole range of products including fine art objects 3 modeled by hand in VR and 3d printed, architectural models and renderings, VR experiences and applications, add campaigns and marketing work, mobile and desktop applications, custom VR workspaces for corporate partners. Our happiest product has been the advent of the VR cube, a portable installation that is designed to make public and social VR accessible, safe and cool. We highlighted this work at the nation's largest VR Summit which you can see in the link below and in our portfolio page. 

Check it out this work....

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this is how it works


5. Production & execution

Now that we know where were going we've got to get moving. This is part technique, experience, and skill. Put  the proof in the pudding and make it happen. We value quality and timeliness.  Is it a hand carved print, a mold for brass cast of a 3d printed sculpture, a short-film, a videography shoot in india? Whatever it is it's planned out meticulously and executed with precision. 

1. Client Needs/ Initial Problem

We work for clients with needs, dreams and problems. Our job is to envision a solution that you might have never thought of. The "Why" is very important to us. 

6.Testing/ Trouble Shooting

 We highly value objective data collection in the form of user testing sessions, surveys and interviews to get  feedback. Everything is about experiments  

2. Reference & research

Nothing great was every made in a vaccum, what is trending? What has happened and what is going to happen in design trends. What does the future look like? This process will help solidify the idea of a finished product by giving finished visual references that show the style, tone and mood of a design piece. 

3. Design Ideation/ Rendering

What's the big picture? Where is the love, the joy, the excitement  the sexiness? What is going to draw your views in or sell a product? Let us be your story tellers and your guide your customers and clients to understand your world changing work.

4. Drafts & Feedback

Let's put some low-risk ideas on paper, this is the biggest time for client involvement changes and production plans need to be made in this stage to avoid blunders down the line that are high stakes investments of time and resources. 

7. Marketing & Engagement

High Quality photos & Videos add, media, publications, get audicens engagement before release, market tests. Social Media, Word of mouth, contact collection

8.Launch & Exhibit

We are not afraid of Black Tie event Production to show case works. Gala, Auction, Film Premier, Sending for Print, Event Night. You name it. This process involves, relfection, hindsights notes, and portfolio documentation/ media publications. High

Meet Our Creative Director


I am the creative director and founder of, Create360, a design firm that specializes in virtual reality. We provide a wire array of design services in VR for the needs of our clients, and in order to display our work and interact with our clients we invented the VR Cube, a large-scale art installation that functions as a VR interface. I started Create360, formerly known as APXR Multimedia, in Salt Lake City in 2017 and since then some of our clients have included: International wildlife rescue organization, Wildlife SOS; HMG Productions, international fashion show producer and photographers; and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance in Partnership with Patagonia Retailers 


As the creative director and founder of the company, I establish the direction and vision of our productions and work with a team of production crew, videographers, editors and software engineers to fulfill the various needs of our clients. I use all of our resources to revolutionize the design process and the needs of our clients with VR. Our design process heavily relies on VR footage and filmmaking as well as VR modeled spaces and objects. 

Mostly, my role is to find interesting problems to solve or things that simply haven’t been done before, set them on the table of our studio and find ways to bring our ideas to life using a mixture of art and technology. We recently premiered our films in LA and launched our works on the oculus marketplace. Today we are working on projects like revolutionizing cinematic live streams for musicians who are out of work because of Covid, as well as VR Meeting infrastructure for offices, tomorrow our long term goals are to figure out how to integrate VR design into professional architectural design software, and at scale productions of our custom VR Work-Stations.


Videographer/ Editor


Software Engineer


Videographer/ Editor

Private Events

No strict dress code but please,

no shorts or sunglasses.

Alison Mitchell

Founder, Creative Director 

RockWood Studios 

2100 South 1066 East

Salt Lake City, Ut 84106

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